Are you tired of sitting by and watching our beloved nation torn apart by Nincompoops?

Are you sick of……..

-> Lamestream News lying to you
-> Perversion taught in our schools
-> Hyperinflation killing our economy
-> Shrinking paychecks
-> Gas price keep going up

-> Baby food famine
-> Supply line break downs
-> Open Borders
-> Loss of rights in the name of freedom
….and more and more

Well, PatriotHQ is doing something about it. We have built a unique system which delivers powerful hot messages direct to all 435 Members of the House of Representatives, all 100 Senators and the White House. This is 536 top leaders in all!

  • Think of it. America’s top 536 leaders who are running our nation and most of the world and now we can send a powerful and bold message direct to them! It’s hard to know where to start.  However, we must pick a few of the hottest issues and hammer them all the way to Congress.

Are you with us Patriot?

Ready to get started?

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Congress Has A Spending Disorder

We the People Are The Cure

The politicians are lying to you! The skyrocketing cost of bread and milk is not a healthy thing for America as paychecks stymie and deflate.  Paying more for less is never healthy! Revolutions have been sparked for much less and nations have fallen when the citizens were abused with higher taxes, increasing costs of goods and services and restricted wages.

 PatriotHQ is calling for governmental fiscal responsibility, and nothing less!! 

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WE THE PEOPLE  The undersigned does hereby make the following demands. I have standing to make my voice heard as I am a citizen in good standing of the United States of America, a voter and protected by the First Amendment United States Constitution. Freedom of Speech and my right to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

My Grievance

The Government has irresponsibly created much of the escalating inflation by overspending, printing extreme amounts of money, expanded budget give-always, wasteful foreign subsidies and all out extravagant and reckless spending. This must stop!  My Demands

[] Place a moratorium on all new spending
[] Reducing the money supply within the economy by stop printing money
[] Freeze all unfunded infrastructure, relieve, pandemic stimulus trillion-dollar bills
[] Increase the federal funds rate (the rate banks lend each other money overnight)

These actions will put America on the path of financial stability, strengthen our dollar and rebuild confidence in our U.S. economy.This is my country; the government is using my tax dollars and I have the right to the redress of my grievance. I will remember in November and demand answers at the ballot box!

This is your chance to let your voice be heard!

Protest Message


This is your chance to let your voice be heard!

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Thank you. Future generations will look to your patriotism as the pivotal key in saving America for them!

Thank you, and my G*d Bless America