The IRS Is Targeting You! 

(and here’s why…keep reading) 

Congress just approved 87,000 new IRS Armed Audit Agents, this is in addition to their existing audit army! 

Congress is funding the IRS over $80,000,000,000.00 to collect more taxes on Small business and Self-Employed. WOW!

Did you know……..

-> Your IRS Audit Agent Now Armed
-> Small businesses are the target
-> 15% minimum small business tax
-> Passports revoked for unpaid taxes
-> 300%  increase of IRS Police power
-> 600% increase in the IRS budget
-> Signed into law but not yet funded
-> 739 billion in new taxes
-> Loss of rights in the name of freedom
And more and more

Would you like to be proactive and fix the IRS problem? 

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Congress Has A Spending Disorder And You Are Going To Pay For It! 

Subject Matter: The politicians are lying to you! The skyrocketing cost of bread and milk is not a healthy thing for America as paychecks stymie and deflate.  Paying more for less is never healthy! The heap on top of all that Congress has weaponized the IRS, hired 87,000 new auditors and is buying guns and ammo now!

 Are You A Target For An Audit?

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 Because you have an CPA and have done nothing wrong you still have the expense and emotional trauma of an audit! BTW – Do you really think your IRS auditor will walk away empty handed? 

 Time to act before it is too late.

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We the People demand Congress refuse to fund the Inflation Reduction Act Law

 We demand the House Ways And Means Committee take another look at the IRS Mega-Expansion provision, find it unconstitutional and set it aside.

 Furthermore, We the People demand the 118th Congress being sworn in on January 3rd, 2023, make the first order of business to rewrite and change the Inflation Reduction Act, Law, making it powerless and unable to be funded.

 We the People have suffered through the Covid epidemic, been damaged by inflation, and harmed by the recession, now, only to have our government raise our taxes through the roof and then weaponize the IRS against the very people they are supposed to serve? Outrages!

 We the People demand Congress does everything in its power to stop, reword and refuse to fund the fraudulent Inflation Reduction Law now.

 Concerned Citizen

Protest Message