Pastor Busted And Dragged Away In Handcuffs, But Why?

The short answer is: For Condemning Children’s Drag Queen Events

(PatriotHQ) How dare a Pastor protest children being exposed to drag queen events is what the enlightened progressives clammer as Pastor Derek Reimer is taken away in handcuffs and faces 6 months in prison and up to $ 60,000.00 in fines!

“Sick, twisted depravity,” a Canadian Pastor condemning children’s drag queen events as he is carted away!

Get this. Pastor Derek Reimer believes God commanded him to “expose” and oppose drag queen gatherings for children. This is the same Canadian preacher was arrested twice in two weeks for opposing drag queens reading to children in public libraries.

The Calgary Police Service stated 36-year-old Pastor Derek Reimer was detained and charged on Wednesday with one count of violating a release order prohibited him from being within over a quarter of a mile of LGBTQ gatherings.

Reimer was arrested on March 2 after three guys forcibly threw him out of Seton Library on February 25. He protested Reading with Royalty; a Public Library event where drag performers read to youngsters.

Reimer was charged with disturbing and damaging. He faces six harassment charges under the city’s public behavior code.

Each charge can result in a $10,000 fine for each charge and there are 6 charges and six months in jail if not paid.

Reimer was last detained in a Calgary parking lot near Signal Hill Library. Video shows cops handcuffing and dragging him over the asphalt before putting him in a police car and driving him away. Crowds grumbled about his treatment and inquired how he got within a quarter of a mile of the action. He’ll appear in court on Friday from jail.

Special laws were passed against Pastor Derek Reimer in reaction to drag event protests, the Calgary City Council passed a new rule on Tuesday, the CBC reported.

Adding “intimidation” amended the public behavior by law. The new Safe and Inclusive Access By law prohibits protesting within over a quarter of a mile from a library or leisure facility entrance. The new law’s swift passage disturbed some councilors, and well it should!

Reimer received a 30-day trespass notice this week after holding a silent prayer session in the Municipal Building to protest the new rule.

The city said Mr. Reimer had been warned (dropped the Pastor or Rev. title) he couldn’t organize a religious gathering in the Municipal Building without a permit.

“I will not obey”

“I will not obey” when a judge orders a Canadian preacher to repeat “medical experts” from the pulpit.

Pastor Artur Pawlowski, who made international headlines when he was frequently detained for keeping his Calgary church open during the pandemic, said Rev. Reimer’s arrests show the government’s “open hate toward Religion.”

It appears, everyone who openly expresses their faith in Christ is now a target.

What do you think? Many were says that all governments hate religion and Calgary was safe from “sick, twisted drag queen perversion” for a while. “Sick, twisted perversion.” “An adult male who dresses as a lady and acts sexually in front of small children is a pervert, period.”

Pastor Artur Pawlowski, Derek Reimer’s buddy, was detained multiple times for keeping his church open during the pandemic.

Pastor Artur Pawlowski, a friend of Pastor Derek Reimer, was arrested many times for keeping his church open. Artur Pawlowski

Pawlowski said Reimer “decided he felt like God was calling him to expose  and stand up against it” as drag events with children increase. Reimer has spoken to him from prison and urged Christians to speak out against “perversion” while they can.

Pawlowski noted authorities are now using COVID-19 protocols to enforce ideology.

“Let corruption control your country. Perversion will consume you if you allow it “said.

In conclusion. Should Pastor Reimer been busted and dragged away in handcuffs in front of children and camera simply because he condemning children’s drag queen events?

  • Did he harm anyone? No.
  • Did he obstruct justice? No.
  • Did he threaten or attack anyone? NO.

BUT he is a repeat offender, BIG TIME! His crime?

Holding a silent prayer session in the Municipal Building. WOW!

But as children and drag queens watched he was brutalizing in front of the community and his church members for simply voicing his dislike!

Of course, this will never happen in your neighborhood! Hahaha! ……right?

Your opinion please!