Is America Starved For Leadership?

(PatriotHQ) America is starved for Leadership this is why the economy is failing! But let’s find out with a few simple questions.

Do you think our economy is in bad shape, or is this a speed bump America will get over in a few months?

Your answer is a national reflection of what tens of millions of Americans are thinking.

If your answer was: it is in bad shape, then consumer confidence is low, but why did you say that?

If your answer was: it is in good shape, then consumer confidence is high, but why did you say that?

Consumers are the power behind capitalism and the driver to a healthy or sick economy. Even if there was plenty of money, credit and jobs available if confidence is low then it will show in the American economy, right?

What makes your confidence grow or fade? Racial Justice, Equity Inclusion, or perhaps diversity. All the aforementioned are an expense to any corporation. However, product development, streamlining operations, buying cheap and selling high are all profit centers meaning money makers and money makers equal job creation and shareholder profits.

This comes down to one undeniable fact, America starving for leadership.

Look at it this way. The need for U.S. regulators to make depositors of the failed Silicon Valley Bank wholly shows corporations in the U.S. economy don’t have enough leadership and aren’t responsible for their actions.

Understand the bailout of uninsured depositors was a loss of financial discipline. The American financial system is in trouble. There is no doubt our economy has a big problem right now.

Everything rises and falls on leadership. Do you agree? Saving SVB and restoring faith in the banking system sends a message to people they don’t have to take responsibility for their actions and the government will step in and save the day.

If Washington is the ‘Bailout Sugar Daddy, then who needs to save. Washington can’t let the country think saving doesn’t matter, but it is!  The lack of leadership tells businesses they could spend all the money they wanted and do whatever they wanted because the government would bail them out.

Leadership Starvation! One reason the capitalist system is falling apart is America doesn’t have good leadership, which is just as important when the economy is good as when it is bad.

Governance of America from the White House to Wall Street is getting much worse.

The whole economy is falling apart and not just Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank, but the American economy wholly was falling apart. Or is this just a pessimistic point of view by a depressed writer?

In conclusion. Leadership starts in the White House and inspires a nation.

Question, what on the list below inspires you?

  • Hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars going to foreign wars
  • Shutting down oil and gas exploration in America
  • Racial justice, Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity ahead of job and profit building
  • Extreme regulation on small business
  • 87,000 new armed IRS audit agents on top of the existing audit army
  • Open Border Invasion – 25 million undocumented workers taking citizen jobs.
  • Forgetting the little guy (Palestine Ohio)

Feel inspired yet?

Your answer please….