Girls Will Not Play With Boys

(PatriotHQ) Sorry it’s not what you think! The angry voice of females objecting to their team playing in varsity sports with or against males are growing! In other words transgender males to females is disingenuous in the transgender males still can perform as a male while appearing like a female. This is viewed by some as a ‘Gender-Rip-off; displacing females with males disguised and girls!

But there is a solution, however the enlightened progressive pundits are miffed over the suggestion of testing!

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Get this. Because the Christian High School girls’ basketball team refused to play a team with a transgender player, the school was kicked out of ALL scholastic sporting events.

FACT. The enlightened and progressive establishment punishes every community who stands up to the transgender religion.

A Christian high school in Vermont was banned from participating in any VPA-sponsored events or tournaments, according to a press release issued by the VPA on Monday.

“We opted out of the tournament because we fear playing against a team with a biological man could make the game unfair and put our players in risk,” MVCS head Vicky Fogg told the Guardian. The future of women’s sports is doomed if biological men are allowed to participate in women’s sports.

The VPA stated in its decision:  “upon comments from the public membership, our Diversity Equality and Inclusion in Activities Committee, and our Activity Standards Committee, the VPA’s Executive Council convened today, March 13, 2023, to discuss the applicable forfeiture. Hence, it was deemed a violation of school regulations had occurred. In the future, Mid-Vermont Christian will be barred from competing in any events or tournaments are sanctioned by the Vermont Principals’ Association (VPA).

The VPA wrote to the school, “Specifically, the school’s actions do not satisfy the standards of the VPA’s 1st and 2nd policies, Commitment to Race, Gender-Fair, and Disability Awareness and Policy of Gender Identity. As a result, Christian schools in Mid-Vermont will no longer be permitted to take part in VPA events.

Many argue MVCS is within its rights to discriminate against transgender athletes because of its religious beliefs. A religious freedom case might be filed over this.

Look, there is a solution, but the enlightened progressive experts have rejection of the Olympian Standard for sex measurement!

Olympian Standard

Question: How do they tell if a female athlete is a girl or a boy?

Answer: Hormone testing is used to figure out a person’s gender these days. In this, an athlete’s level of testosterone is checked, and if it is higher than what is allowed, the athlete is banned from competing.


Question: What is the most testosterone a male athlete can have?

Answer:  the normal range for men is “more than 10 nanomoles per liter” (10 nmol/L). If an athlete is over this level, they cannot compete as a female.

Mid Vermont Christian School (MVCS) took the choice after the girls’ basketball team they were scheduled to play in February backed out after learning one of their players was a transgender man.

Currently, transgender students are prohibited from participating in school-sponsored girls’ sports in 18 additional states in the United States.

More state legislatures will likely approve legislation prohibiting trans athletes from participating in women’s sports or provide protections for them as transgender craze sweeps the United States.

In conclusion. Why doesn’t school, colleges and Universities adopt the Olympian Standard of testing for sex? If the Olympian Standard is rejected then the experts in change can make transgender an issue and gain media attention and thus push the Libtards agenda! (to the delight of the Liberal Dem Agenda)

The real problem is females receive scholarships, grants and awards in their selected sports, now since the males have invaded female sports the true female is displaced and shoved to the back of the bus and their lifetime accomplishments are trampled under the jackboots of the enlightened progressive agenda.

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