‘Genderqueer Shapeshifter,’ ‘Witch’ Is School District New Trainer For Children

(PatriotHQ) Opening Filled! Just about the time weird becomes common, an outrageous new twist of perversion bubbles to the surface!

Hold On, you’re not going to believe this doozie.

Honest Question: What exactly will your children stand to learn from the new hire? Where is the qualifications regarding College studies, past employers and Majors in grad-school? No, it’s all about sex and his religion! (Satanism is a religion)

And the new hire is the Trainer with a full agenda!! OMG!

‘Genderqueer Shapeshifter,’ ‘Witch’ Hired by Colorado School District for Staff Training

A Colorado school district hired a self-described “genderqueer shapeshifter” and “witch” to train staff on “transgender” issues.

The Thompson School District hired Silen Wellington, a “transgender” activist, to conduct the training, according to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request from Parents Defending Education (PDE).

While no specific information about the presentation was provided because the district “did not have any materials,” it did include information about the topics to be discussed.

“This training includes information about various identities, the importance of language, and how to be a better ally,” according to the training agenda. “This training is for you if you’re curious about LGBTQ+ topics, have some questions you’ve always wanted to ask, or want to learn what all the letters mean.”

Language and statistics on “LGBTQ+ youth suicidality,” as well as “ways to be inclusive of non-heterosexual orientations,” were on the agenda.

The training would also include “defining words such as: dysphoria, dead name, transitioning, intersex, asexual, aromatic, Two-Spirit, queer, nonbinary,” as well as “neopronouns.”

Wellington, according to the Epoch Times, engages in witchcraft, blood rituals, “magical activism,” and polyamorous relationships. “What could go wrong?”  Was this on the resume?

“We continue to see ideological agendas permeating the curriculum in our schools,” said Mailyn Salabarria, PDE community engagement director. “It is inconceivable and a gross misapplication of taxpayer funds Thompson School District allowed a known transgender activist to train staff members on the incorporation of politically driven social justice topics into everyday teachings in our children’s classrooms.”

In conclusion. What the hell is going on with our schools! The new ‘Genderqueer Shapeshifter,’ can shapeshifter his/her ass back home!  Mr/Ms Transgender Genderqueer Shapeshifter is going to be a trainer for a whole school district which mean he/she has authority to report anyone who objects to his/her personal choices! Where was he/she educated? Majors in College? Personal (non-sexual) skills? References? ….and experience (non-sexual please)

Look some kids don’t have any options, they have to go to public school and in doing so are subject to the authority of a person who got the job because of their sexual preferences and religions point of view! This is wrong in every way!

If this trend continues our schools will be judged by the ‘All Mighty’….and rightfully so!

What do you think?