Erasing Innocence An American Epidemic

(PatriotHQ) If you were asked what the number one violation the enlightened progressives are committing, here is probably what you would say.

  • Spending America into endless debt
  • Endless publishing of false narratives
  • Pro-abortion Policies
  • Election Fraud
  • Open Borders

….and the list goes on and on.

But there is a violation happening in an epidemic proportion. An epidemic far more reaching inflicting incalculable damage on the America society. A violation greater than race baiting or false propaganda, it is a violation of the soul of America.

The violation is so hideous and vile many wish to change the subject or deny it’s horrid depths. The violation I speak of is the Erasing of Innocence. The removal of purity and virtue especially in our young.

When innocence is erased, irreversible harm changes the victim forever. The victim will find it almost impossible to regain honor or believe in a power greater than themselves. Life becomes difficult to live in an honest and dignified manner once innocence is erased.

When citizens, from the oldest to the youngest are taught they are deficient and neanderthal rather than a created soul then the violator finds it necessary to reprogram with the use of graphic and perverted depiction of intimacy. The violation of innocence violates and burns soul leaving scar tissue which my never heal.

Painful and shameful erasing of innocence are promoted by those who hate decency reject true self-review holding themselves out as on a higher plain being enlightened. These violators inflict their perceived illumination onto others and ridicule those who reject their sick version of enlighten and progressive lifestyle thereby directly violating the core of what make humans different from animals.

An example of the erasing process is when parents were advised to “listen to the science,” and racial justice demonstrators were praised for meeting in large groups because medical professionals believed structural racism was a greater threat to public health than the corona-virus outbreak.

The enlightened progressive masters focused on racial inequalities while ignoring student issues during pandemic lockdowns. Black and Latino pupils spent more time online early in the pandemic in frivolous pursuits, falling behind in math and reading. “Equity” in schools ignored these pupils. School “fairness” violates student’s moral compass.

Example: Last year, Disney officials denounced Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill, which banned kindergarten through third graders from discussing sexual orientation and “gender identity.” Later, a producer discussed her “not-at-all-secret gay goal” of “adding queerness” to children’s movies “and no one was trying to stop [her].”

Violation has been recast as normal and enlightened but there can be nothing further from the truth.

Even worse, activists have introduced race and gender into medicine. Medical school applicants must prepare essays regarding “implicit bias” or their commitment to “equitable patient care” and social justice-focused politics. “Equity” matters more than academic performance when selecting American doctors.

Morality and dignity must be preserved, yet transgender clinic’s use untested and harmful puberty-halting medications and hormones in violation of nature and the essence of who we are as human beings.

In conclusion. The erasure of innocence strikes at the soul and permanently scares and violates all of what is precious to mankind. An organized and systemic assault has been leveled at the most vulnerable in our society and for what purpose?

A true enlightened and progress person holds to the values which G*d placed in their soul and builds on those inalterable strengths becoming truly enlightened filled with organic intellectual grow and soul stewardship, anything less is a violation of the core of humanity and the manifestation of evil.

Your opinion please.