Don’t Worry, Sleepy Joe Will Save Our Banks

(PatriotHQ) Do you feel better now knowing Sleepy Joe Biden is going to make sure your money is safe?

  • Why didn’t Joe protect the money of thousands of families with the Silicon Valley bank and others?
  • Why did it take the loss of tens of billions of dollars to get Joe awake and moving?
  • How will Sleepy Joe protect all the coming bank failures?

Let me guess. Sleepy Joe will ‘Make The Call’ and the fed will simply print more money! (Which was the reason many banks are slated to fail)

This should comfort you…..🙄

Biden promises no more bank failures while in office. The “Bank Term Financing Program” was put up before Monday’s markets opened.

But don’t worry, Joe Biden vows to prevent bank failures, read it for yourself!

On Monday, President Joe Biden announced bank failure prevention policies. After Biden’s energy policies generated inflation, interest rates rose to limit price hikes.

A day after taking credit for a new liquidity solution “to help make sure banks can satisfy the needs of all their depositors,” Biden proudly announced new bank collapse laws.

So, if Congress can pass a law and it fixes the problem, then pass a law and eliminate the IRS, or stop Global Climate Change (assuming there is one) Or pass a law and outlaw Outlaws! (Politicians would be unemployed)

“I will encourage Congress and banking authorities to strengthen the rules for banks stronger to prevent this kind of bank disaster,” Biden tweeted. “Protect U.S. jobs and small companies.”

His administration’s response to bank failures, partially caused by higher interest rates to curb inflation, was unclear. The Biden administration’s energy policy created inflation.

Biden didn’t mention modifying energy or money policy, wonder why?

According to a 2022 Strategic Petroleum Reserve assessment of Biden’s energy war will cost the U.S. about $100 billion a year, or two to three million barrels of oil a day. Biden’s war on American energy involves raising oil drilling costs for private and public investors, blocking public land drilling, and scrapping the Keystone project.

Fake energy crises raised prices in 2022. In 2022, Bloomberg predicts inflation would cost the average American household $5,200, or $433 each month.

Biden promises no more bank failures while in office. The “Bank Term Financing Program” was put up before Monday’s markets opened. Deposits over $250,000 are now protected. On Monday, Biden assured taxpayers would not pay for protection.

Great, please raise your hand if you got your check?

“No taxpayer loses,” he stated. “Banks’ DIF fees will pay for it.”

How wonderful! We can count on the government to come to the rescue! Just ask the grateful people in Palestine Ohio!

“No one is above the law in my government,” he declared. (Except Hunter Biden)

In conclusion. We are screwed! Either America has a collapse now or suffer the next few years and have a mega-collapse then. Either way. Your check is in the mail!

Your opinion?