Discovered! Secret Law Dems Will Use In 2024

(PatriotHQ) Think the law protects voter integrity? Think again!

Careful research has discovered clandestine congressional legislation which WILL be used in the upcoming 2024 elections and probably not by Republicans, even though it is perfectly legal!

Think this is a joke, keep reading.

Get This -> The 1993 National Voter Registration Act. Like many pieces of legislations, is long and has too many voter registration rules, making it a perfect hotbed for fraud and election violations.

Such is the NVRA, never heard of it? Wonder why?

Department of Justice website: Congress passed the “NVRA” and “Motor Voter Act” to make voting easy for all Americans. The Act makes voting easier for all Americans.

But easy for whom? How about Dems wanting to game the system!! Look what’s legal!

  1. Voter registration must be on the driver’s license form (motor-voter law). They may allow online registration. HAVA Sec. 303(b) requires first-time federal election voters to provide identity.

Every application requires a checkbox indicating citizenship and voting eligibility. That’s it! A Monkey with a pencil can do this! ….and the monkey in a zoo can check a box!

Citizenship is one of the few requirements for voting. But wait! Doesn’t a person need to be a citizen? Illegal Aliens can easily forge birth certificates as “proof.” Groups (Dems) will give illegal Aliens fraudulent birth certificates, Social Security cards, and other documentation for a minimal charge.

  1. Mail or online registration is easier. Applying doesn’t require presence. Registration includes a photocopy of evidence with mail-in registration or ballot. HAVA allows thirty different types of IDs. Who can verify anyone of these 30?
  2. Everlasting voter registrations is exactly what Dems love! State laws allow only a few procedures to remove a voter from the rolls.

Reasons include:

  • if the state has good proof the voter has died.
  • if the person requests to be removed off the voter lists.
  • if the voter has moved out of state.
  • if the voter has been convicted of a felony
  • if the voter has been declared mentally incompetent.

Remember incorrect or made-up entries cannot be removed. If someone sends a postcard every few years requesting their inclusion, they can be on the rolls forever. Unless one of the other reasons applies, the NVRA says someone who registers but doesn’t vote can’t be removed. Removal usually takes eight years. Sending a postcard, voting, or contacting can reinstate a registration.

  1. Signature-checking mechanism, supposed to capture bogus ballots, was reduced to the point any signature on the ballot envelope was accepted. Hence, a phony ballot would likely be counted.

But what has been caught?  False registrations and ballots were illegal, but people seldom got caught. If they weren’t doing other criminal activities, they might have gotten away with it.

  1. Machine audits have failed software. 25% of Los Angeles County voter rolls were incorrect recently. The NVRA make it difficult to impossible to cleanse phony voters.

The secret NVRA is protected by the rank and file of the Democratic Party. They yell, “Democracy Will Be Destroyed!” But it can’t be, if nonexistent voters are removed from the voter rolls! No impact!

In conclusion. The NVRA is lethal to democracy because it allows fraud at every level. To remove Illegal Aliens, false registrations, dead people and fraud schemes will only strengthen the vote and insure Democracy!

This is unless the fraud, nonexistent and Illegal Alien voter is what keeps a party in power! In this case the Democrats Party will protect all counterfeit voter’s right to cast their fraud vote!

What do you think?

p.s. How did Senile Joe get 81 million votes? The “ghost brigade” of fake voter names?