Dems Won’t Arrest Child Murderer Because He Drives Too Fast

(PatriotHQ) You won’t believe it! Of all the lamebrained excuses for the Police NOT to arrest a drunk driver who killed 2 helpless children is because the drunk drives too fast!

Get a load of this. A Democrat-backed law prohibits police from pursuing a 111-mph driver who murdered two children.

Democrats’ law prevented police from catching a speeding culprit, killing two children after a drunk driver going 111 mph murdered two Washington children, Snohomish County Sheriff Adam Fortney attacks the legislation.

A Washington state sheriff warned against a Democratic-backed proposal banning police from certain automobile pursuits after a suspect speeding over 100 mph killed two toddlers.

Snohomish County Sheriff Adam Fortney explains why he opposes the bill and how it has garnered bipartisan support as crime rises.

“I’ve been doing this for about 27 years,” he told Ashley Strohmier Tuesday. “I like to think we handled police pursuits in western Washington state quite effectively before this statute, but since Olympia lawmakers changed the way we do business, it’s just not working.”

“It’s hardly rocket science,” he remarked. In Washington state, “when you warn the criminal element ahead of time there is a whole list of things, we cannot chase you for, the criminal element is going to take advantage of.”

Police couldn’t arrest Keith A. Goings for driving 111 mph on Interstate 90 because speeding alone isn’t enough. The regulation, which has been opposed by all sides of the political spectrum, prohibits police from chasing speeding cars unless they suspect a violent crime. Since they didn’t realize the driver was inebriated until after the incident, officials couldn’t do anything.

Fortney said officers shouldn’t chase every automobile, but he called for reform and said they should use their own judgment in these instances. “It’s kind of come full circle,” Fortney remarked. “I believe in equilibrium. In today’s world, the police and government told us not to chase after anything.”

“I understand since we live in a populous county. Yet you can’t take away the street cop deputy’s choice “Persisted. “Our training requires real-time calls.”

“A couple of people are just standing their ground, and because of way our government is set up, one or two people can halt bipartisan legislation,” he said. “Hopefully not… For too long, Washington state has prioritized offenders over crime victims.”

In conclusion. Drunk drivers can’t be arrested because they drive too fast. Rioters burning and looting can’t be arrested because they are peaceful. BLM members can’t be arrested for arson and attacks on citizens because they are black.

Therefore, if you are a drunk black person driving at a high-speed throwing a Molotov cocktail from your window after rioting and looting you are as ‘good-as-gold’ and exempt from arrest! 

BUT if you are a Pastor of a Church praying on the sideway (public right away) outside an abortion clinic, a swat team will storm your home and arrest you in front of your wife and children and haul your ass to jail!

America is sick!

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