Clinton Body Count Grows

(PatriotHQ) WHAT! Not another unfortunate and innocent death of a Clinton buddy! OMG! What bad luck, or is it something else?

Read this! A turbulent flight killed a former Clinton lawyer. (no doubt this happens every day)

“I can’t remember the last time turbulence killed,” claims a top aviation official.

A White House employee’s ex-employer spouse  owned a private plane and last week, a prominent Washington lawyer who worked for both Clinton and Obama was ‘killed’ when his plane hit bad weather over New England.

Dana J. Hyde, 55, was one of five persons on the New Hampshire-to-Washington, DC, flight landed at Bradley International Airport in Connecticut due to bad weather on Friday.

Authorities claimed Hyde was transferred to Hartford’s Saint Francis Medical Center after the jet landed and was pronounced dead that evening.

Cause of Death: Will the cause be ruled: ‘Death By Clinton’?

Connecticut State Troopers responded to a medical emergency at Bradley International Airport on March 3, 2023, at 3:49 p.m. A Connecticut State Police official informed The Daily Mail an ambulance transported one person to a local hospital.

“Our agency is aiding as needed, but the NTSB and FBI are investigating what happened.” “Contact these groups for additional information,” they urged.

Hyde’s spouse and two children were on the plane when it hit the turbulence but were unharmed.

Flight data showed the plane reached 26,000 feet. It then plummeted south along the Connecticut River before landing. The family lived near Leesburg Executive Airport in Washington, DC, where the plane would land.

Hyde’s husband, former Republican Senate staff director Jonathan Chambers, runs Kansas City-based Conexon, which owns the Bombardier Challenger 300 private plane and Clinton and Obama employed Hyde. Dana J. Hyde worked on 9/11 Commission.

A preliminary report on Hyde’s death will be released in two weeks. But many suspect it was a severe case of too much inside information on the Clintons and the Obama’s which led to his death.

Air turbulence seldom kills anybody, according to a top aviation official. “I can’t remember the last time turbulence killed someone,” said NTSB chair Robert Sumwalt.

The “Clinton Body Count” refers to the high number of inexplicable Clinton-related deaths.

Mark Middleton, a former assistant to President Bill Clinton, was found bound to a tree with a shotgun blast to the chest in June 2022, following Hyde. Despite the gun’s absence, the police declared Middleton’s death a suicide.

In conclusion. Would you work for the Clintons for a million dollars, maybe a billion? Did the latest victim Dana J. Hyde cash his Clinton Foundation check yet before his untimely death? Looks like he can’t cash it in hell! Ops!

You work for the Devil you will be paid from the Bank of Hell.

Questions? ……didn’t think so!

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