ALERT – Ministry Of Truth Coming Back

(PatriotHQ) The name itself is an oxymoron! How can anyone administrate truth? Truth is truth not seen through the eyes of a bias government bureaucracy! Very soon, if the MOT (Ministry Of Truth) is installed it will be the MOL (Ministry Of Lies) and at which time truth will become extinct only seen in the Bible and a few writings which escape the next book writing and burning!

Think this is a joke? ……Keep reading!

A Washington advocacy organization tells the attorney general a domestic extremism measure would create a “Ministry of Truth” and outlaw speech. Anti-government and “severe white supremacism” concern the attorney general.

“This measure will establish a two-tiered judicial system where some individuals have free speech and others don’t,” Washington Policy Center education director Liv Finne “This is risky.”

A state legislature measure would create a panel to expand on the report and develop a new public health strategy to combat misinformation and early radicalization.

The bill and attorney general’s report lack ideas on how the state could prevent radicalization and extremism.

“We want to figure out how to stop it before it happens,” said Rep. Bill Ramos, who submitted SHB 1333 alongside almost two dozen Democrats.

Finne said the commission’s next step would be to find legal solutions and even new laws to combat extremism, even though SHB 1333 wouldn’t make speech or group activity unlawful.

The attorney general’s report lists domestic violent extremism as online misinformation, anti-government beliefs, and “wide spread of severe white supremacism.”

The research warns against creating legislation could “disproportionately use against BIPOC” populations or other oppressed groups.

“This is unfairly going after some people in our society,” Finne remarked. “Words is harmless. Violence happens. Comparing the two is erroneous.”

Ferguson’s office said the commission’s purpose is to “prevent political violence, regardless of ideology” and Republicans and Democrats must be equal.

“The emergence of political extremism is a problem,” the declaration says. “We need to examine the origins of violence and find strategies to stop it.”

“Radicalization,” “extremism,” and “disinformation” aren’t defined in the bill or report. Neither one specifies violent behavior indicators.

The report suggests a national training module for staff to learn how to recognize red flags and warning indications and a system for friends and relatives to refer persons who “may be on the path to radicalization and violence” to a place where they can obtain help on their own.

“The government will decide what is true,” Finne stated.

The attorney general’s report also requests the commission to increase data collecting on domestic violent extremism, “develop a toolset of legal measures to respond,” and pass laws banning extremists from working in law enforcement or as armed private security guards.

Washington law allows the state to revoke a police officer’s credentials if they’re an extreme. Under SB 5051, “extremist organizations” are groups try to stop democratic processes or use violence to change the government, support intolerance or violence against marginalized protected classes, promote racism, or think local law enforcement is more important than other government authorities.

The attorney general reports “no successful decertification or denials of certifications” since Bill 5051 was passed in 2021.

Gov. Jay Inslee supported a bill last year would have made it unlawful for public officials and politicians to lie about election results. ц

She said Ferguson “is using his office to get his way.” “It’s not usual Democratic middle ground. He restricts speech and outlaws’ government criticism in his extremist worldview.”

In conclusion. Truth must be unfettered and free to be proclaimed or else it becomes a dreadful pile of lies and falsehoods. Will America become a cesspool of lies and adjusted truths?

We are well on our way!

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