Two-Tiered Justice System Is Tribal Rule

(PatriotHQ) Remember the words:  ”…liberty and justice for all”? Today those holy words have turned into a bald-faced lie. Justice has become a commodity which can be bought and sold with favors and influence as its currency.

Why is that? The answer while simple carries with it overtones of a deeper-seated problem.

Very simple: “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” America has gained absolute power over the world with its currency, industrial might, technology, and a system which reward innovation.  But with this comes something few want to acknowledge: Power Demands Responsibility!  But what is the source of responsibility?

….and who is going to enforce responsibility when there is no one to answer to?

The answer may shock you so keep reading.

In the United States, ghosts are moving the country in a way  no one wanted and no one voted for. Our country is slowly falling apart and becoming a third-world country. The economy is going nowhere fast. The dollar is on its last legs. We can’t get energy or raw materials from our own country. Too many people don’t want to work, and there are too many people getting money from the government. The mud has filled our Judeo-Christian culture. Our debt is so high neither the federal nor state governments seem able or willing to solve it.

The people who run our government lie with ease. We no longer have borders. More telling, we have created a new justice system with two levels of justice for the rich and the poor, as well as a system where cowardly judges and justices sit on the bench. A CIA friend of a friend told him, and then he told me, “Don’t you know, there are people in this country who are untouchable.” This is a sure sign we are moving toward the third world. Another important sign is a large number of government officials are either in on it or don’t care. If there are two kinds of justice, then there is no justice.

80% of Americans think there are two levels of justice in the U.S.

It looks more and more like a country and a world where the elites are making a heaven for themselves here on earth because they don’t believe in the real one. And 80% of the people on Earth are not in their plans for this heaven.

Names like Clinton, Soros, Obama, the Bushes, and the Bidens can’t be touched. Antifa can’t be stopped, and neither can BLM or many other groups. They all got in because they paid, were useful, knew where the bodies were buried, or blamed the right people so everyone would be deaf, dumb, and silent.

People are being killed and hurt for no reason, and in a shocking number of cases, the people who did it are let out after lunch. Antifa and BLM have burned down cities and then slept in their own beds that night. They are clearly being used and legally protected by the Democrat Party, while patriots who were invited into the Capitol building are being held in jail without a quick trial. If a Supreme Court justice was on Epstein’s passenger list to what the locals call “pedophile island” or “orgy island,” they can’t be touched.

Why are mayors, governors, and district attorneys above the law and not held responsible when they break the law or break their oaths of office?

America needs to be fixed up badly, but millions know what the fix is and are unwilling to take the next step.

Have-nots include any politician or citizen who wants to make America great again. The have-nots are the thousands of large chain stores and shops are broken into up to 20 times a day or destroyed. Thousands of people who have been hurt by violent crimes and open borders don’t have much. Twenty million people around the world and more than a million people in the United States who got the COVID vaccine and later died were poor. People who don’t want to hear the truth because it’s too hard to believe or makes them feel bad are poor and don’t even know it. Some of the biggest losers in all of this are the drug addicts who choose to be homeless, making our biggest cities feel like the third world. The government gives them drugs, and when they die, they are thrown away like trash. They are called “useful idiots.”

America needs to be fixed up badly, but the cure will be laughed at, ridiculed, and scored.

The answer, if you are ready for it is the return to the Judeo-Christian culture America was built on! The teachings of the Bible keep people in line by a change of heart, thereby creating a society of mutual respect, and equal justice.

If Americans are nothing more than evolved apes, then there is only justice by the biggest thugs with the biggest clubs, which is the exact spot America is in presently.

But One Nation Under G*d mean America is filled with people answering to a higher authority with a higher purpose and reliance on a master design. No longer a 2-tier justice system but a single justice system with a foundation based upon a ‘Power Greater Than Yourself!’

Until America re-embraces the Judeo-Christian culture it will slowly dissolve into a tribal ethos of Ape shrewdness instead of answering to a high-power, a nation filled with children of the Most High.

What do you think?