National Homicide – Honesty On Life Support

(PatriotHQ) Honesty is fading fast! Honesty is taking a constant beating and is hemorrhaging truth and decency; it won’t last long!

To save honesty from a horrible death America must expose the Left’s woke lies, restore honesty and integrity in America’s schools, boardrooms, courts, and voting booths, otherwise, America will live under censorship, crime, poverty, and totalitarianism.

Think about this. The trusted news media, doctors, military leaders, scientists, judges, and educators have insolated themselves from questions. It’s hard to imagine public servants lying to the people they protect, but it has become standard operating procedures.

Look at this. 59% of Americans still dislike Donald Trump after seven years of lies, distortions, and misinformation from his political opponents and a corrupt news media have been proven wrong.

Current administration environmentalists say global warming will destroy the planet if we don’t cut fossil fuel use immediately. Despite not having the minerals to build them, they say electric vehicles are the only solution and gas-powered cars and trucks must be eliminated.

Yet fossil fuel is a misnomer it is abiotic oil and the earth is making more every day! This was proven in the 1920’s over one hundred years ago!  ….and America is sitting on an inexhaustible ocean of oil!

Furthermore, despite overwhelming evidence, the honestly murders claim our borders are safer than ever and inner-city crime is under control.

Even though widespread financial corruption, our military leaders say sending billions to Ukraine to stop the Russians is vital to the US, yet few understand why Putin attacked Ukraine in the first place and the ago old history or the Russian/Ukrainian struggle.

America’s teachers advise us to take our five-year-olds to drag queen shows to learn about homosexuals and transsexuals. Teachers’ unions oppose private schools to protect their funding, not our children’s education. If they cared about our kids, they would demand better teaching and fire dangerous or incompetent teachers. Teachers’ unions teach lies about our country, dumb down critical thinking, and promote sexual promiscuity and transgenderism instead of life skills.

Many Americans trust our administration’s doctors and fear COVID-19. Despite knowing it doesn’t work and has deadly side effects, over 70% have had an injection.

People will do anything to believe when they refuse to believe they are being lied to. “Cognitive dissonance” is psychological. “The inconsistency between what people believe and how they behave motivates them to act to reduce discomfort. People reject, explain, or avoid new information to relieve this tension.

How can anyone believe anything? How can we tell if we’re right or deluded? Should we become experts on hundreds of topics and conduct independent research?

How can we trust the government to stop climate change when their own predictions show their favorite programs, like the trillion-dollar Paris climate accords, will only lower Earth’s temperature by a degree? When we got COVID despite taking the vaccines? Why is the Biden administration ignoring the Palestine, Ohio disaster a threat to 10% of our nation’s water supply yet sends tens of billions of tax dollars to Ukraine?

Get this. Winners lie about our elections being “fair and honest”.

Those who say our borders are safe don’t care about fentanyl deaths, sex trafficking, terrorist infiltrators, Americans’ safety, or human rights.

Wakedism may be the biggest lie. In his article “DeSantis Goes to War,” Tom Klingenstein praises Ron DeSantis and Fox’s Tucker Carlson for fighting wokeism, which is anti-American. We’re fighting the woke regime. You can’t win a war without knowing you’re in one.”

Wokeism teaches America’s history of slavery, racial discrimination, and sexual discrimination is in the most flawed and false manner filling America’s history with lies! They believe whites, especially white men, must be discriminated against to atone for their ancestors’ sins, but say nothing about the Black Buffalo Soldiers who raped and murdered thousands of helpless America Indians!

The secret is, Wakedism is the best tool for destroying America’s best values and institutions and installing Democrat/Marxist rulers. Benefit programs replace “hard work pays off.”

Democrats pretend to care about African-Americans by penalizing whites and favoring blacks even if they cannot work. But more are realizing Democrat policies are destroying our inner cities and dooming black children to lifelong poverty and death.

For the American regime, a just society is one in which free men and women pursue happiness according to their abilities and nature.  However, the woke regime believes a just society requires victimhood-based identity group quotas. A meritocracy wages war.”

All Americans must expose the Left’s woke lies and restore honesty and integrity in America’s classrooms, boardrooms, courts, and voting booths. Otherwise, we are doomed to censorship, crime, poverty, and totalitarianism.

In conclusion. Where do we start? IN the public schools the parents must protest for honest learning of the 3 ‘R’s” and then We the People must call out the Wokest in our society.

What do you think?