Asbury Revival – Liberals Worst Nightmare Unfolding

(PatriotHQ) The liberal’s worse nightmare is unfolding right before their eyes, and they can’t stop it! The deep seething and boiling hatred is bubbling below the surface and soon to erupt!

What could make the progressive enlightened and evolved masters of society come unglued like this? The answer is simple, the true ‘Master Of The Universe’ is showing up! ….and big time!

Lame-stream media is conveniently drawing attention of most America away from the revival to Ukraine, Trump and their all-time favorite Racism!

Revival? Yup. What part of “…one nation under G*d…” mystifies the left? ALL OF IT!

Get this. A Professor stated this: I’m hopeful about our chapel renaissance and what it implies for the college and world. “Surprising act of G*d,” says Asbury Professor. Asbury University in Kentucky has had revivals since February 8. Wednesday mornings at Asbury University are typical. Chapel begins at 10 in Hughes Auditorium. Students attend chapels because they must.

Wednesday prior was different. The gospel choir sang one last chorus after the blessing, and then something strange happened. Students stayed. They felt a calm transcendence and didn’t want to leave. They stayed and worshipped.

Several Bible readers were quoting. Several stood arms-up. Little groups prayed. Several kneeled at the altar rail. Some lay on their backs, while others chatted with smiles.

Around noon, hundreds of people were back in the auditorium. Students run to the chapel every day. Thursday evening required standing. Students from Kentucky, Cumberland, Purdue, Indiana Wesleyan, Ohio Christian, Transylvania, Midway, Lee, Georgetown College, Mt. Vernon Nazarene, and others had arrived.

Friday saw all-day worship. Saturday morning was hard to get a seat. The building filled by dusk. Several students worship in the chapel overnight. As of Sunday night, momentum is unstoppable.

At the chapel, people rarely notice time passing. Heaven and earth merge time and eternity. It’s unusual and unplanned, as observed by everyone.

Analytical theologians hate hype and manipulation. I’m from a revivalist Methodist-Holiness heritage, and I’ve seen individuals try to fabricate “revivals” and “movements of the Spirit” were detrimental. I’m uninterested.

To be honest, this is unrelated. No pressure. No one is deceiving. No extreme feeling.  But it’s been fairly tranquil. Hope, joy, and peace are inexplicably intertwined. Shalom is palpable. The Holy Spirit is forceful but gentle.

The three-in-one G*d’s holy love is lovely and hard to convey. No one wants to leave, and those who must want to return quickly.

G*d’s “extraordinary” deeds don’t replace the Holy Spirit’s “regular” work through Word and sacrament. G*d’s “surprising” actions don’t substitute the hard journey of following Him. As a student points out, we would depend on this experience instead on the Holy Spirit, who gives us the experience.

However, we should welcome and enjoy these Holy Spirit encounters. Our Lord promises to satisfy “hunger and thirst for righteousness.” Jesus promised to send “another Comforter” (KJV) and suggested he leave and send his Spirit.

Everyone who has been in Hughes Auditorium in the last several days will attest this promised Comforter is genuine and strong. I can’t explain what’s happening, but I know G*d is working. Numerous current students and recent grads say they’ve been praying for a move of G*d for years and are so pleased they can’t even express it.

Another Professor said:  Last Friday, I reminded my pupils we were created to worship and share with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Telos, our goal. It’s our purpose. Worship makes us whole. Our indescribably deep sense of calm, wholeness, holiness, belonging, and love is just a glimpse of the life we were designed for. I told my students we were intended to worship G*d together. Hence, chapel worship must affect our relationships outside of it.

Revivals have always benefited the church and world. Even atheist historians agree the Second Great Awakening helped end slavery. I’m excited to watch how G*d uses this revival in our time.

The Gospel is genuine and mysteriously lovely. Every time I leave the chapel auditorium, I taste and see the Lord’s goodness.

In conclusion. The left is hoping this will ‘burn-out’ and things will get back into their control. However, lives are being changed in a very permanent way and those live can and will impact America in a deep and meaningful way.

I hope you believe in G*d if for no other reason it will piss-off the Libtards! (lol)


What do you think about this?