WARNING: Reinfection Is Coming

(PatriotHQ) Inside sources are claiming Xi Jinping is attempting to reinfect the world with a new strain of COVID, but why?

With the internal collapse of China imminent the country’s leaders must position China in a positive position and not give an added advantage to the West A.K.A. the United States.

But how is this done! By creating and then releasing a reinfection China is hoping to stop, or at least slow down the US manufacturing complex.  Therefore, without restraint the West could very well replace China with some other work hungry country and China would never catch up!

At this point, the vast majority of people are aware the COVID virus originated in China, and a large number of people even believe the Chinese Communist Party was behind its creation as part of its efforts to achieve global dominance.

Insiders are sounding the alarm; warning China may be up to no good once more.

The example can be seen in an illustration of a footrace. If a competing runner can be slowed down, then the other runners can secure a win not by breaking records and running faster but by slowing and possibly even stopping the competition! Got it?

Read this!   Chinese President Xi Jinping is engaged in a nefarious plot to reinfect the globe with a new strain of COVID. He is urging the United States to ban all Chinese travelers after the communist nation recently loosened travel restrictions despite a raging outbreak.

After the entire world has been through hell and many believe China is essentially deploying biowarfare with a new COVID variant, the results, utter chaos and halting the competition which would allow China to rebuild and restructure!

China has maintained extremely stringent COVID restrictions for the past three years, and despite the harsh lockdowns and the world’s strictest “zero COVID” policies, the virus continues to spread. Nonetheless, China has announced it will permit travel abroad. This is a peculiar action for a nation appears to be concerned with preventing the spread of the virus.

We are all aware of the unreliability of COVID tests, as well as the fact asymptomatic individuals can carry and transmit the virus. It is not a good idea to rely solely on COVID tests to prevent the virus from re-spreading around the world.

The world be warned, it could be on the verge of repeating the global pandemic’s nightmare. We all recall the images from Milan, Italy in 2020, when COVID first struck and spread like wildfire across Europe. Approximately fifty percent of passengers on two flights from China to Milan a few days ago tested positive for the virus, according to the New York Post.

“Remember those images from Milan when the hospitals and morgues were overflowing? “It appears as many as one million Chinese may be infected.

Question: How many Chinese infected agents does it take to reinfect America and the world?

Answer: [1] highly infectious disease placed in a heavy human traffic area!

There is no limitation for allowing the Chinese to do this again, to send infected Chinese people around the world and knowingly infect millions of working people everywhere.

And who is going to hold China accountable for the millions of COVID-related deaths worldwide and prevented from orchestrating another devastating pandemic? No one. Plausible deniability!

“Xi once got away with this once, why not twice?

If Jinping is attempting to spread COVID through infected travelers (and there is a strong possibility this is the case), other experts believe attempting to stop the spread of the virus by prohibiting travel is an ineffective strategy, but knowing Washington the infected agents will be free to travel without restraint!

Even if some experts believe travel bans are ineffective, it seems preventing infected people from traveling around the world would be a positive step. Why risk the unknown? We’ve been down this road before, so it’s only prudent to prevent the spread of yet another virus variant by stopping its carriers.

Once again, if China doesn’t want the West to take its business and shop it to a work hungry world then what can it do?

Reinfect the world, slowing or even stopping it giving China time to over come the new strain of Covid and then get back into business as orders start to flow back in!

Yes, it is an evil empire!