War On Chickens Is War On YOU!

NO, you are not a chicken, but you eat them and their eggs, so by stopping chicken and egg supply impacts you and your family! Got it!

If you could destroy the food supply of a nation, where would you start? How about the meat supply. Chickens would be an excellent target, why? They are used for meat, soups, bone broth and eggs!

Eggs are used for not only breakfast but for baking from breads to all types of pastries. Remove chickens and you remove most baked goods!

Just think of it. During a widespread egg shortage, a huge fire destroys the commercial egg farm of the top US egg supplier.
At the same time, chicken farmers are saying the food they give their hens is making them stop laying eggs.
Just look at this video!

On Saturday afternoon in Bozrah, Connecticut, a fire broke out at a huge commercial egg farm.

Over 100 firefighters worked hard to put out a huge fire destroyed Hillandale Farms’ huge chicken coop, which was home to about 100,000 chickens.

Reports say authorities still don’t know what caused the fire, and luckily, no one has been hurt.

From NBC Connecticut: Firefighters said the fire was in a chicken coop at Hillandale Farms on Schwartz Road was 50 feet by 600 feet and was still in use.

More than 100 firefighters from 16 departments in the area, including Colchester, East Haddam, Salem, Gardner Lake, Lebanon, Franklin, Yantic and Sterling, Taftville, Montville, Oakdale, and Lisbon, rushed to the scene.

Colchester Fire Department said there were problems with the water and more tankers were sent.
No one knows for sure what started the fire.

The Salvation Army is there to help first responders get food and drink.

The Department of Agriculture said it has talked to Hillandale’s leaders. At the moment, the DOA is not doing anything, but they are still keeping an eye on the situation.

There were no reports of injuries.

Hillandale Farms is one of the top five egg producers in the country. They raise more than 20 million chickens so they can get eggs.

Egg prices have gone through the roof in 2023 because of problems in the supply chain and a lack of eggs. The government says this is because avian flu has killed hundreds of thousands of chickens.

To make matters worse, chicken farmers have been saying their hens might not be laying eggs because of bad feed.

People can’t help but share memes about how much the price of an important breakfast food has gone up.

This comes at a time when the food crisis in the U.S. has been getting worse over the past year. Hundreds of food processing centers have mysteriously burned down or been destroyed in other ways.

What is next? Bird flu? Covid for cows or how about a supply train stoppage!

No matter how it will happen most believe this is a food war and chickens are dead center!

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Featured Image Credit: Facebook screenshot/Norwich Firefighters Local 892