Stone Age Republicans Must Upgrade

(PatriotHQ) The old stone-age methods of winning elections and running the government belongs in a museum! The soon to be extinct Republicans have always believed their brand of politics was very appealing to the mass voters, but what they didn’t realize is America has changed and the mindset of voters have charged and changed dramatically!

The issues are only one of the upgrades which need to be made. Take example of school boards. Conservatives should establish parent review boards outside of school boards. Commissions expose, change harmful policies. Stop subsidizing schools don’t teach the Constitution.

I wonder if the ‘Old Elephant’ realizes it needs to change its strategy?

How can Americans reverse the dreadful Demo-Steal of our freedoms? How can the Elephant lead the stampede to reverse the Democrats’ historic political power grab by unethical behavior, illegal activity, flagrant lying, and double standards?

Conservative Republican Americans fear McCarthy and the new House members will follow the same playbook of pointless, meaningless probes and of course there will be no upgrade!

Leftist Democrats are unified in destroying the traditional American family and social and economic structure, whereas conservatives are split because true free speech encourages debate and disagreement.

The Dems demand the leadership destroy the US Constitution while the Elephant is simply satisfied with peanuts! Outrageous!

Republicans are playing in a dream world as Rome burns. Behaving morally while a political enemy is advancing and thrilled by torching the Bill of Rights has hurt struggling Americans worldwide.

The Democrat juggernaut’s hypocrisy was unaffected by years of government money pursuing a leftist falsehood President Donald Trump was a puppet of Russia. Democrats created another falsehood, the January 6th committee, without shame or contemplation.

The Marxist January 6 hearings was a Kangaroo Court and a insult to our justice system, and what did the Republican Elephant do, keep rolling in the mud at the watering hole!

Americans imprisoned for the January 6th demonstration have been unable to interact with their relatives or present their case. This unconstitutional ordeal may cause lifelong trauma.

Without opposition, the left is utilizing the Department of Justice to attack parents who are interested in their children’s education.

Because the left refuses to close the southern border, fentanyl overdoses kill over 100,000 young Americans each year. The left’s lawlessness permits millions of illegal immigrants to flood the country at public expense and sex trafficking and rapes thousands of youngsters. The propaganda media ignores or attacks whistleblowers. All the while the impotent Republican Elephant sat idly by and lobs a complaint from time to time and once again, no upgrade.

The carefully organized communist economic initiatives based on the huge lie and fiction of climate change have caused massive inflation, street violence, and homelessness. All to redistribute money, damage American society, and destroy the American family.

Without opposition, the left is utilizing the Department of Justice to attack parents who are interested in their children’s education. Schools justify hiding student sexual assaults because they believe awakened culture is more important than young females’ sexual safety.

Republicans must weigh the merits and cons of utilizing the same underhanded techniques as the left to combat Marxist totalitarianism.

The political, social, and economic tendencies and future outlooks for good Americans are terrible and ultimately lethal without a major strategic adjustment in how leftist Democrats are challenged.

Ethical defense of the Constitution has failed against a foe which utilizes its liberties to destroy it.

The Founding Fathers knew a real media would prevent corruption. However, US media is dishonest.

Can a society be moral if it fights lawlessness with dishonesty? Can a community win a gunfight with paperclips?

Law-abiding, liberty-loving Americans never want to turn to the corrupt practices of their soulless political opponents, but with the anarchy at the southern border, sanctuary cities, homelessness, and criminal privileges, it has become a matter of survival, not morality.

The Republic slips deeper into the swamp it must drain each day. Law-abiding folks are exasperated. A good American society should explore a revolutionary response to this mortal menace today.

How can the land of the ‘Rule of Law’ forget the compromised F.B.I., the left’s strong arm, and will only prosecute Conservatives. Left-wing crimes will go unpunished. But the Elephant says nothing, does nothing and checks to see if it’s nap time.

The solution is very simple but hard to deploy.

The anemic Republican Elephant must be led by a strong man who has pledged his life, liberty and sacred honor for the wellbeing of his beloved United States. A leader willing to whip the fat lethargic elephant into place and make it into a powerhouse. Someone who is not afraid to grab the donkey balls and give them a twist and put that communists beast in its place, under the foot of the American people while upgrading the Elephant mode-of-operation.

Who can do such a thing and install a much-needed upgrade? Only one name come to mind, but the sick Republican Elephant will have to play the Trump card to get well.


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