Illegal Migrants Pampered while Homeless Veterans Suffer

(PatriotHQ) First class acumination, free dining, luxurious baths, wet bar, big screen TV with cable, free drinks, climate-controlled rooms, free Wi-Fi, plush overstuffed chairs and so much more awaits America’s replacement workers who broke the law coming here and continue to break the law by staying here!

But the list goes on….

The protected Illegal immigrants receive free legal advice, free bus rides, transportation to and from the courthouse and this is not to mention the good things society offers, such as beautiful museums, well-groomed parks, and world class libraries.

What a great life for a ‘well-cared for’ criminal guest alien and their family, or course food stamps, free medical and police protection from bigoted protestors complaining about the wonderful caring treatment of America’s guest illegal migrants.

The government hears their voice because they are a protected and royal class of trespasser’s given all the rights and privileges deserving highly decorated migrant heroes!

Note: All the thousands of pampered Illegal Alien guests must take care does not stumble over the legless veterans begging at the doors of the Hotels! Heaven forbid an Illegal Migrant guest would harm themselves by slipping and falling on a veteran who sacrificed his body and obeyed orders in an unknown country for an unknown reason.

Illegal Guest Migrants must be careful!

It is good advice for the Illegal Guest Migrant not to urinate or defecation on the homeless veteran while out on a stole but to use a local restroom to relieve themselves, this only makes for good a safer environment for the Illegal guest trespassers.


Homeless and disabled veterans are NOT public urinals or toilets.

People are getting angry when migrants refused to leave a New York hotel: “Absolutely crazy.”

When they were told to leave a hotel in Hell’s Kitchen and go to Brooklyn, illegal guest immigrants fought back and will continue to fight and may even march until their demands are met! Dozens of immigrants won’t leave New York City hotels, and why should they? They are a protected class!

The panel on “Outnumbered” said the Biden administration’s lax enforcement of immigration laws was to blame for the chaos in New York City on Monday, when dozens of migrants who were staying in fancy Manhattan hotels on the money of U.S. taxpayers refused to leave, but since they are a new protected class then the federal government and State government can do little.

However, the plight of homeless veterans must make way to the incoming throngs of privileged Illegal Guest trespassers.

Masses of migrants who came to the U.S. illegally through the southern border won’t leave their free hotel rooms and their plush life in New York City to go to a migrant shelter in Brooklyn, New York, it is just unfair to think these protected migrants should be displaced!

The guest migrants were first put up at the Watson Hotel in Midtown Manhattan, but their plans to move to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, a new center for helping trespassing migrants, caused a big fuss late Sunday night and they rebelled against the raw racism used against them!

“It’s not right and downright racist to displace these guest migrants from the 5 Star hotels in Manhattan! No doubt this was inspired by White Supremacy at its worst!”

Earlier reports stated guest migrants were committing unusual and bizarre sex acts in the hallways and drinking top-shelf alcohol in the lobby of many New York City’s most famous hotels. There were trash bags full of sandwiches had been made for the needy migrants but had not been eaten. This was found after the migrants cooked their own steak and eggs in their hotel rooms using unsafe tools.

This clearly shows the welcome illegal migrant guests need more attention, no doubt traumatized by their ordeal and their ongoing fight for their freedom against the suppressive US government!

A few have been mercilessly kicked out of their 5 Star Hotels. So, they want to stop at the care house, and they don’t want to go to Brooklyn for free, where they can eat for free. Why should the American worker replacements be discomforted?  The New York and Federal Government wants to treat them with the respect they deserve!

A mean spirited racist (will remain nameless) was heard in public saying: “So, I can’t believe those people would come to America illegally, take a free bus to the biggest city in the country, and then decide to pick and refuse the free camps we’re offering to them.”

One protected migrant stated: “We don’t put the needs of Americans first. This makes no sense at all. Also, next to a really nice midtown hotel, everything looks good. I would also like to continue to stay there, “she pointed out.

“When people say, “And now the droves are coming from Canada,” they are wrong. You should know it’s “via” Canada. ”

“When millions of illegal worker immigrants poured over the southern border, we heard they came from more than 150 different countries. Canada is no different, which is horrifyingly shown by the fact an Indian family and a Haitian man both died from the cold in the same area.”

In conclusion, it has become obvious there has been a permanent paradigm shift. Now the Homeless Veterans are the refuge needing to be exiled and removed to make room for the new incoming illegal migrant guests.

However, since America’s new arrivals take their place as honored parts of a progressive society, they must learn the veterans must be relocated to make room for the growing need of the incoming America’s Replacement Worker guests.

America’s new migrant guests must learn the Homeless Veterans should not be targets for public urination and defecation, simply use their Obama phone, and call the police and have the Homeless Veteran removed.


Note to reader: Are you sure this article is inaccurate?