Foreign Cops Roaming Our Streets

(PatriotHQ) How would you like to be pulled over by a police officer who is not a US citizen but has the power of the US constitution? The problem is you are in America and the officer has never become a citizen!

How about this. You are busted by a Russian police officer in your hometown for jaywalking and given a summons to pay a fine, all the while the officer never bothered to become a US citizen and may not even have a green card BUT has a gun and authority to throw, you’re A$$ in jail!

Sound like a nightmare, it isn’t, but a ‘soon to come to a town near you’ reality!

So, you think that crazy California is out there and doesn’t affect you but wait until this model becomes the standard across America.

Get this. A new California law permits non-Americans to become police officers.

Since July of 2020, the San Diego Police Department has lost over 500 officers.  is extreme. We need as many people as possible to be able to become police officers.”

A new law went into effect in 2023 in California allows non-U.S. citizens to become police officers in the state.

Authorities in California assert the law will help them increase hiring to combat the state’s soaring crime rate.

Since July of 2020, the San Diego Police Department has lost over 500 officers.  is extreme. Everyone who is capable must be able to serve as a police officer. However, we are not in favor of reducing requirements and lowering standards,” said Sgt. Jared Wilson, President of the San Diego Police Officers’ Association, speaking on behalf of the organization.

Wilson stated there are concerns regarding the new California law altered the requirements to become a police officer in the state.

Prior to January 1, 2023, you needed to be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States to qualify for the position.

No longer is this the case. Anyone who is eligible to work in California under federal law and possesses a valid green card or visa is eligible to become a police officer.

The bill’s author, Democrat State Senator Nancy Skinner, stated the bill is justified because non-citizens can serve in the U.S. military and the University of California Police Department asked her to draft the legislation.

“When examining California’s rules, nearly every other profession, including attorneys, physicians, and even firefighters, are permitted to practice so long as they have full legal authorization, full federal legal work authorization. We only restricted our sworn officers in this manner,” stated Skinner. “Ironically, in the military you could be an officer, but in California you could not be a peace officer. Therefore, we felt it was entirely appropriate to amend the rule.

But nothing says they even need a green card but may indeed be an Illegal Alien, which is a foreign national with an illegal immigration status!

Skinner explained, “We do not require any police department or law enforcement agency to hire this category of individuals.” “We are simply removing the restriction has already been eliminated in the military. It has been eliminated for firefighters, attorneys, and physicians. Therefore, we deemed it appropriate to remove it for our police officers.”

To become a police officer, non-citizens will still “go through the same testing and background process” as American citizens, according to a statement from the San Diego police department.

“We have collaborated with City Human Resources to revise our bulletin to reflect the modifications made by SB 960 and the citizenship requirements for applicants. Each applicant, regardless of citizenship status, would undergo identical testing and background checks.

In recent years, violent crime in the United States has risen steadily due in part to Democrat policies are soft on crime and the economic repercussions of the COVID lockdowns.

In conclusion, it appears the only ones required to obey the law are US citizens who are under the full control of foreign nationals with an illegal immigration status, i.e. Illegal Aliens.

How does that feel home-boy?