Congratulations: You Are Now Compost

(PatriotHQ) Congratulations: You Are Now Compost, but think of all the protein you will generate!

Just about the time you think the world can’t de-humanize you anymore you are reclassified as compost! Most critics are saying: “What A Waste”

New York is the sixth state in the United States to give its approval to a human composting statute. Opponents argue human beings should not be considered domestic waste.

Natural organic reduction, more commonly referred to as human composting, was given the green light as a method of burial in the state of New York, making it the sixth state in the United States to do so.

On Saturday, the legislation was signed into law by Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul. Human composting was first made legal in the state of Washington in the year 2019, followed by the states of Colorado and Oregon in 2021, and finally Vermont and California in 2022.

Howard Fischer, an investor who is 63 years old and lives north of New York City, disclosed to the Associated Press  he is devoted to having his body composted and  his family is aware of this commitment. It is up to my family to decide what they want to do with the finished compost once it has been prepared.

Fischer’s philosophic outlook on life, which is to live in an environmentally conscientious manner, is consistent with the alternative, environmentally friendly form of burial.

During the process, the body of the deceased person is placed into a receptacle may be reused, and then plant material such as wood chips, alfalfa, and straw is added on top of the body. The organic mixture provides the ideal environment for naturally occurring bacteria to carry out their functions, resulting in a rapid and thorough decomposition of the body in a period of around one month.

The final product is a stack of nutrient-rich soil amendment takes up one cubic yard and is comparable to around 36 bags of soil. This stack can be used to plant trees or enrich conservation land, woods, or gardens.

On October 6, 2022, in Seattle, Washington, a small box of soil formerly belonged to a human rests on a table at Recompose, a green funeral home specializes in human composting.  Composting is a process can also be referred to as natural organic reduction, terramation, or recomposition. It is performed by humans.

It can be considered as a relatively tempting option to burial in urban locations such as New York City, where there is a limited amount of land available.

The practice of composting human waste is now allowed in the state of New York, but  does not mean  everybody is on board with the notion.

“A process is perfectly appropriate for returning vegetable trimmings to the earth is not necessarily appropriate for human bodies,” Dennis Poust, executive director of the New York State Catholic Conference, said in a statement.  “Human beings are not the same as household rubbish, and we do not believe the method satisfies the ideal of reverent handling of our ethereal remains,” the statement read.

On October 6, 2022, in Seattle, Washington, two individuals look at a shrouded mannequin is located inside the Threshold Vessel in the Gathering Space at Recompose, a green funeral home specializes in human composting, also known as natural organic reduction, terramation, or recomposition. The event took place at the Recompose Seattle location.

According to Katrina Spade, founder of Recompose, a full-service green funeral facility in Seattle includes human composting, “cremation requires fossil fuels and burial uses a lot of land and has a carbon impact.” Recompose is a funeral parlor composts human remains. The transformation of waste into soil, from which plants or trees might be grown, is an experience has a significant influence on many people.

Has the 1973 movie Soylent Green turned from a fictional depiction of refined cannibalism into a documentary of current events?

….but think of all the protein!