Biden Getting The Boot!

(PatriotHQ) Make no mistake about it, the Dems have cooked up a plan to boot Biden and it’s going to get nasty!

Several conservatives have recently pointed out what is likely going on behind-the-scenes right now as the classified documents scandal unfolds before our very eyes. And let’s just say, things aren’t looking good for President Joe Biden’s political future. Of course, given his age of eight decades, his career was already in its twilight.

Biden’s future is unknowable, but holy smokes, it does not look good, and not in a particularly recognizable way. Biden’s aides keep discovering stacks of felonies he’s left around the place in his office, in his car, and instead of throwing this evidence in the fireplace, as they would normally, they’re sending these documents to the Justice Department.

The big question is: Are the classified documents being discovered or planted? One thing for sure, America will never know!

“Biden’s attorney general, the most unscrupulous, unethical attorney general this country has ever had, has somehow decided in order to maintain his unsullied record of nonpartisanship, he’s going to have to pass these documents, these stacks of felonies, on to an independent counsel, because always works out well for a sitting president, and by the way, the independent counsel is a Republican,” At this point all we can say is: YIKES!

“When you see what is happening to Joe Biden right now, it’s difficult not to think of Andrew Cuomo. Kamala Harris is certainly considering it. Harris was in an unusually good mood today. We know this because she mentioned electric school buses again. ‘I absolutely adore electric school buses,’ she exclaimed. ‘I adore them for a variety of reasons. Perhaps because I took a school bus to school. Raise your hand if you took a school bus to school.’ Harris was grinning the entire time, and why wouldn’t she be?

Kamala Harris will be a big winner!  She is silently watching a senile white guy who claims to be her boss is finally going down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down. It’s a good day at Kamala Harris’ house, but not at Casa Biden,” Carlson added.

What’s amusing is Biden has repeatedly stated we shouldn’t be concerned about the security of the classified documents because they were locked up in his garage alongside his favorite car, the Corvette, so it’s no big deal. Well, that should do it! Nuclear launch codes, Blueprints to US Spy Planes, the Jeffery Epstein’s Black Book and more all safe and secure in Biden’s garage! How safe is that! WOW!

Keep in mind Hunter Biden, the guy who helped orchestrate influence peddling schemes with his father and slurps drugs like they’re candy, was living in the house at the time so nothing to worry about since a convicted drug user was guarding Bidens secret document stash!

In conclusion: Biden is being booted and his replacement is being readied, BUT Biden will not be removed from office or Harris will move up and Republican Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy will become Vice President, the Dems won’t allow that!