Who Is The Bad Guy

(PatriotHQ) Let’s start working to protect our country by figuring out who the bad guys are.

You can’t beat your foes if you don’t know who they are.

It is clear some people have made it their goal to hurt the United States of America in a systematic way. Some people don’t like our country or want to run it for their own gain. Others try to hurt us so they can reach their goals of taking over more territory.

Our enemy is not just one thing. Instead, there is a group of enemies who have either secretly or openly agreed to hurt the United States because it is the only superpower can stop them from gaining total control.

China is without a doubt a rival of the US. Xi steals American technologies and does everything he can to make his military stronger. He uses projects like building dams and power plants and using communication platforms to bribe, spy on, blackmail, and use economic blackmail on every country in Africa, South America, and Europe. He is trying to take over all parts of our government in the United States by bribing, blackmailing, and scaring people. Why fight when you can make your opponent so weak, they can only give up?

Of course, they also sent a virus out into the world by accident.

Globalists at the World Economic Forum use the “Green” agenda as an excuse to hurt the West and take over every part of our lives. A new religion called “global warming” has caught on with people who want to do the right thing but are easy to fool. They hate thinking about God and won’t let anyone challenge what they believe. But their “passion for the world” is just a love for being in charge of everything. Their “climate plans” have no effect on the climate and are just excuses for the collapse of capitalism and the transfer of wealth, which will give them power over the whole world.

Both sides have agreed to destroy the United States and then decide who is in command, whether the Chinese control the Globalists, or the Globalists control the Chinese.

If we try to figure out who our domestic opponent is, they have fooled us into thinking they are “Democrats” by forming a coalition of people who have been hurt by “systemic racism,” undocumented immigrants, and people who don’t know what gender they are.

Most smart Americans know most swamp Republicans are also our enemies.

People tell us, “Just vote against the Democrats, and the Republicans will fix everything.” Most Republicans are also our enemies, which is something almost every American with a brain knows. The fact they hate “the Orange Man” shows making America Great Again is the last thing they want. Over 70% of likely voters know they used election fraud to try to get rid of Trump in 2016 and 2020, and they almost pulled it off in 2022 to keep the House in Democratic hands.

Republicans in the House and Senate only care about getting more power and a better name for themselves, and they would do anything, even ruin the country, to get what they want.

In a previous article, I called for the removal of the entire GOP leadership, including McConnel, McCarthy, and RNC chair McDaniel, who have always supported Democrats in both primary and general elections while opposing MAGA candidates. In another article, I talked about how voting machines can be set up to “weight” conservative votes so the totals change or are thrown out based on a formula. But BOTH sides are responsible for this. This only affects “Make America Great Again” Republicans!

Organizations and bureaucracies work for the government never end.

This group of crooked politicians is called the “UniParty.”

But politicians are only in power for a short time. They might lose an election, decide to retire when they have enough money, or become lobbyists. There will always be government bureaucracies and organizations. Once it is set up, a government program lasts forever. The people in charge do their jobs in secret while enforcing liberal rules and regulations go further and last longer than any law Congress has passed.

The media, which is run by people on the left, the communists, and the environmentalists, is another enemy on our list. Individual authors and reporters try to get famous in their own fields by changing the truth to suit their own needs.

Tech giants like Google, Twitter, Facebook, and others shut down or make illegal any speech goes against them. They also change the truth to help them reach their own financial or social goals.

Eisenhower warned us about the Military Industrial Complex, which needs lots of wars to use up old supplies and make money from new ones. They spend billions of dollars every year to try to change foreign policy by lobbying Congress. They benefit from the war in Ukraine between two corrupt regimes are about the same.

Because we don’t say anything, we are helping them do bad things.

So lobbyists are also on our list of people we don’t like. They only care about how much money their companies make, not about the health and safety of the United States. Because of this, the companies run our utilities haven’t updated and strengthened our electrical infrastructure. This puts us at risk of widespread and long-lasting power outages. It turns out  the recent attack on two substations in North Carolina was not an isolated event, but rather part of a national trend.

From the beginning of the great American experiment, our founders warned us if the Federal government was given more power than the States, politicians and their bureaucrats would eventually take full control of our lives. This is what has happened, and the excesses and selfishness of the political elite have left us vulnerable to forces want to destroy our country. Both our Bill of Rights and the checks and balances in our Constitution have been weakened, leaving the people of our country without any power or protection.

In the Declaration of Independence, it says “Governments are established among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,” and  “it is their right, it is their duty to throw off such Government” when a long line of abuses and usurpations, all with the same goal in mind, show a plan to put them under absolute despotism.

Armed rebellion is not the answer. But we need to act quickly to avoid a situation where Americans feel like they have to fight for their freedom because they are angry about the wrongs they have faced and the threats they face from other powers because we are weak.

Right now, we still have a lot of political power. We might want our elected leaders to start speaking for us in Washington. Because we don’t say anything, we are helping them do bad things. Constant, peaceful protests in front of every congressman’s door would show them their betrayal has been seen.

We need to be aware there are infiltrators (or “infil-traitors”) who will try to get us to fight. Peaceful protests at courthouses where judges are making decisions about allegations of election fraud will also get their attention. The only way to stop these plans is to call them out and record them as they try to start fights. Thank goodness for sites like BitChute and Rumble which let you watch videos without making changes to them. Maybe Musk’s findings about the government’s ties to Big Tech censorship will make it easier for people to talk and lead to the un-censoring of Twitter.

The best social media, though, is communication between people. Our can happen if you send a link to an article on this website in an email, have an open conversation with Uncle Fred at a holiday party, or just talk about how expensive food is while you’re checking out at the grocery store. We need to remember we’re not alone.

The other way to defend yourself is to have a lot of money. Americans give trillions of dollars each year to businesses and Big Tech hurt us. Stop using Google and leave Facebook. Even if local goods and services are a bit more expensive, you should still buy them and use them. You should homeschool your kids and send them to a conservative college.

But we also need a name for the people who believe the same things as us. No matter if we call ourselves “conservatives,” “patriots,” or just “Americans,” we all know each other when we applaud a police officer or soldier for doing their job or roll our eyes when we see someone wearing a mask in a public park.


Let’s get to work right away to save our country.