Marriage To Be Dissolved In America

HR8404 is another step toward restricting our religious freedoms, demonstrating Congress has no regard for the Constitution or religion.

(PatriotHQ) The Marriage Disrespect Legislation: An Attack on Religious Practices

Politicians have always used the church-state separation argument to undermine religious morality. The concept of separation of church and state, like everything else, is a deliberate misinterpretation of the First Amendment, which states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free-exercise thereof…” The First Amendment was drafted to protect religious organizations from the power of Congress, not to suppress religious morality as politicians do.

The legislation is known as the “Respect for Religious Morality legislation” because it is purposefully designed to erode religious morality.

Essentially, the First Amendment states  Congress may not pass laws  restrict, limit, alter, or abolish religion. By the same token, Congress cannot pass laws codifying religious practices into government. Regardless of the First Amendment, the gay lobby has concocted legislation through Jerry Nadler will codify the religious practice of marriage. HR 8404 is known as the Respect for Marriage legislation, but it is intended to undermine the religious practice of marriage.

Furthermore, codifying a religious practice like marriage and expanding it to include same sexx unions violates the First Amendment, also known as the separation of church and state by politicians. If Congress is successful in codifying marriage, there will be no separation of church and state. Every Congress person who backs HR8404 has chosen to violate the First Amendment, just as they did when they passed the Patriot Act, which allows government agencies to spy on Americans.

Politicians, regardless of party, always work together to pass legislation which restricts our freedoms or undermines religious morality. The Respect for Marriage Act, like legislation currently being debated in Congress, is a lie. It should be known as the “Disrespect for Marriage Act” or the “Disrespect for Religious Morality Act” because it is purposefully designed to undermine religious morality.

Furthermore, codifying marriage is yet another power grab, this time over religion, because states such as California, Nevada, Oregon, and others already permit same-sexx unions. In the past, most state legislators acknowledged marriage originated in the Hebrew Bible and other religious texts.  is why civil unions were created rather than expanding the religious practice of marriage to include same-sexx unions. They are aware, with the exception of Satanism and new age churches, any religions condemn samesex marriage.

In fact, states which permit samesex unions originally referred to them as “civil unions,” because the religious practice of marriage has always been defined as the union of a man and a woman. Colorado recognizes samesex unions as marriage. Marriage has also been redefined by some churches, such as the Presbyterian Church (USA), as “a commitment between two people.” Other denominations, such as the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the Episcopal Church, and the United Church of Christ, permit samesex marriages.

Although newage churches allow samesex unions, homosexuality is a sin in the holy books, including the Quran. Although the Bible calls samesex relationships an abomination in Leviticus 20:13, some churches teach the Bible does not condemn or forbid homosexual relationships or marriage. Churches  allow samesex marriage are disregarding the Bible in the same way  Congress disregards the Constitution. They are both poor practitioners.

HR8404 will enable corrupt officials to label our religious beliefs as discrimination and empower them to use government power to persecute us because of our religious beliefs.

We are not required to attend churches that reject the Bible. However, we have no choice but to follow the laws passed by Congress, which should be of concern to us. HR8404 allows corrupt government officials and courts to deny us the right to practice our religious beliefs. HR8404 will enable corrupt officials to label our religious beliefs as discrimination and empower them to use government power to persecute us because of our religious beliefs. Indeed, lawsuits have been filed against people who refused to participate in homosexual unions due to religious beliefs.

According to one lawsuit, a bakery refused to decorate a cake for a samesex union was operating a public business, and public businesses are not permitted to discriminate under federal and state law. Instead of respecting the individual’s religious beliefs and going to another bakery, the homosexual couple wanted to force the individual to participate or pay them discrimination damages. Religious rights is violated when courts are used to force people to do things  go against their religious beliefs. HR8404 is intended to take away our religious freedom from the gay lobby.

Finally, politicians argue  HR8404 is required because the gay community has faced discrimination, which justifies codifying the religious practice of marriage. In reality, HR8404’s goal is to restrict religious freedom. In short, HR8404 is another step toward removing our religious liberties, demonstrating Congress has no regard for the Constitution or religion.  is why I refer to HR8404 as the Disrespect for Marriage Act, as it accurately describes its intent.

In the name of religion, we lose our faith and morality!