Job Collapse Imminent

(PatriotHQ) Are the largest job cuts in decades on the way?

Have you noticed the massive number of job cuts occurring in the tech industry?

Fund manager Charlie Bilello recently posted a list, and the numbers are astounding:

  • Twitter is cutting half of its employees (about 3,700 jobs).
  • Facebook is cutting 11,000 employees, the most in its history.
  • Snap is cutting 20 % of its employees (1,200 jobs).
  • Shopify is cutting 10 % of its employees (1,000 jobs).
  • Netflix cut 450 people.
  • Microsoft and Salesforce are both cutting 1,000 employees.
  • Robinhood is cutting 31 % of its employees.
  • Tesla is cutting 10 % of its salaried employees.
  • Lyft is cutting 13 % of its employees (700 jobs).
  • Redfin is cutting 13 % of its employees.
  • Coinbase is cutting 18 % of its employees (1,100 jobs).
  • Stripe is cutting 14 % of its employees (1,000 jobs).

In addition to these massive cuts, Bilello says Amazon has announced a hiring freeze, Apple has halted almost of it hiring, and Google has cut hiring by half.

The truly terrifying part…

These layoffs, according to Bill Bonner, a 73-year-old ultra-successful entrepreneur whose companies employ several thousand people worldwide, are just getting started and are just the beginning.

Indeed, Bonner believes that the next phase of this crisis will come from a source that few people are currently considering.

According to Bonner, what’s on the horizon will catch almost everyone by surprise and could lead to some of the most difficult years in American history.

Every informed American should look into this.

This message is unlikely to be heard elsewhere, and the mainstream press is unlikely to report on it until it is far too late.

Facts are clear and don’t be  surprised. According to Bonner, there are four critical steps that every American should take right away to prepare for what is to come.

Massive layoffs and plummeting stock market is just the start.

America is going through a strange period, according to Bonner, and it will become worse.

But don’t worry the Biden Inflation Reduction Ploy will protect us! ….NOT