😱Zombie Virus Going To Labs 😱

(PatriotHQ) Scientists bring back a “zombie virus” was frozen in ice 48,500 years ago.

The study by the scientists showed the virus was still dangerous even after being frozen in the ground for thousands of years.

Researchers say if ancient permafrost continues to melt, it could wake up viruses have been sleeping for a long time, like one  was found under a lake more than 48,500 years ago. This could pose a new threat to humans.

Researchers from Europe recently found some old things in the Siberia region of Russia. They found 13 new disease-causing agents, which they called “zombie viruses.” Even though they had been frozen for so long underground, these zombie viruses were still contagious.

Scientists have been worried for a long time about the melting of permafrost around the world because of rising temperatures. If greenhouse gases like methane leak out of the frozen ground, they will add to the pollution in the air. But less is known about how this could also affect pathogens are dormant.

The research team, which had people from Russia, Germany, and France, said the chances of viruses coming back to life are “totally zero.” The main point of this statement was to talk about amoeba microbes. They said the possibility of a virus coming back, one could infect both humans and animals, is much worse. They then warned their work could be used to show how real the risks are.

“It is likely, then, ancient permafrost will release these unknown viruses when it thaws,” they wrote in an article on bioRxiv hasn’t been peer-reviewed yet. “It is still hard to guess how long these viruses could stay infectious after being exposed to the outdoors and how likely it is they will find and infect a suitable host in the meantime.”

“But the risk is only going to get worse as a result of global warming, when the permafrost will keep melting faster and more people will move to the Arctic because of industrial projects,” they said.

Big questions remain. Will this Zombie Virus be assigned to the Wuhan labs, the research facility which many claim is the source of the Covid virus.

Of course, the other question is: What could go wrong when humans, worlds deadliest virus is combined into a mixture of research and military weapon development were to meet in a lab with questionable security?