Compilation: Two Minutes of Joe Biden Wandering Around Looking Lost

The Washington Free Beacon released a brutal compilation depicting numerous instances where senile Joe Biden appeared to wander around aimlessly while attending various public events.

The video, which is difficult to watch, underscores the legitimate concern with Biden’s apparent cognitive decline, a real problem for Democrats heading into the midterms and indeed into the 2024 presidential election.

“This is elder abuse,” commented the Free Beacon, adding they compiled the footage in order to “[document] the cruelty that Biden’s handlers have inflicted on our hapless geezer in chief.”

The Free Beacon continued: “Sleepy Joe turns 80 next month. He fell off a bike in June. He can’t string together a coherent sentence. During a White House ceremony last month, he attempted to locate and congratulate a dead congresswoman.”

Share this compilation with a Biden supporter to teach them why the demented late septuagenarian is more fit for a nursing home than the highest political office.