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…the true meaning of free enterprise. Individuals working separately and together with free will. Lots and lots of things the government does now by paying giant corporations would actually be a lot more effective if they were done on local and state levels by groups of people forming companies and doing it themselves. Non-profits like churches, charities and credit unions can do some big things if the local people buy into the project and contribute money or time. That’s how most of the irrigation, electric and roads were put into this country. Not by government, it was mostly done by local projects.

The school system used to be based on local needs and it was more efficient because people had to make it work with the amount of money they could afford to pay. Now there’s just huge amounts of waste and nobody learns anything in school, because there is a giant national system full of money for it. The teacher’s union and the National Education Association are both giant corporations with their hand out like Halliburton and Goldman Sachs and they give money to politicians to keep it that way. And the politicians aren’t going to change that.

The GOP is a corporation, called Republican National Committee Inc. and the Democrats are called DNC Services Corporation. The only difference is that one calls itself Incorporated, and the other calls itself Corporation. Think about that. The Democrats are so ashamed of their own name that they won’t even use it for their corporate identity.


Santa’s Claws

But these corporations called the parties aren’t going to make rules that limit corporations, because doing that will create limits on themselves and their own mega-corporations. What they are going to do is steal your money, give it to their cronies, their voters and their special interest groups, while dreaming up new ways to enslave your children in the same harness you’re in right now.

The only way to break their grip is to go local and free enterprise. Form a club or a committee, raise the money and do it yourselves. Whatever “it” might happen to be.

The way they enslave us is by money based on debt. They don’t create money until they create debt. When you sign a contract to pay something with real value (your labor and time), like for a house or a car, they don’t hand you a stack of money, or even a check. They make a mark in a record. They never had the money to lend you in the first place, then they charge you interest to pay it back. The only way to fight this is to do business with your neighbor.

If everyone concentrated on making their own neighborhood and village right, then counties, states and even countries will change as a result. This is done at school board meetings, water boards, town councils and that kind of thing, not in the U.S. Congress. The more we work at local level, the more we change Congress as an inevitable result. If you want to change who we are sending to Washington, we have to change the people and places that are sending these people up there.

That’s only done at the local level.

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Then and Now

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