Jeff Flake’s STRAWMAN, Wil Cardon and his “OUTSIDER” TV ad

Wil Cardon calling himself an “OUTSIDER” is too funny seeing he announced his challenge against Jeff Flake while serving as FLAKE’S US SENATE 2012 CAMPAIGN FINCANCE CO-CHAIRMAN. Again, WIL R. CARDON was working to elect Jeff Flake for the US Senate when he, Cardon, announced his candidacy for US Senate.

Cardon’s TV ad says he’s a “conservative OUTSIDER” a job’s creator, businessman who for 20 years has created hundreds of jobs. “It’s time for an “”””OUTSIDER”””” who’ll fight for a new direction”, “THAT’s the Arizona Senator I will be” emphases added.

Problem is Cardon’s an INSIDER that they, the GOP who relies on ignorance want you to think is an “OUTSIDER”.

Cardon and his family have contributed tens of thousands of dollars to Jeff Flake’s US House reelection campaigns’ for over a decade. Now consider Cardon’s sudden change of heart to run against the very person he agreed with and supported for so many election cycles: leaves one to wonder if he can be trusted, or is it his TEAMMATES trust that is in play?

Cardon who was an all-state wide receiver on his high school football team, who went on to play for BYU and Stanford knows what team work is, knows how to run a play pattern. Cardon’s OUTSIDER TV ad is nothing less than a wide right, deep out election play pattern to draw attention away from Flake’s real competition, US Senate Candidate Clair Van Steenwyk.

Speaking of “Team Work”, both Flake and Cardon ran a post pattern at the February 18, 2012, Sun City West Republican Club, Candidate Forum. They came, they spoke and they skedaddled before anyone could ask them any questions, leaving Steenwyk to answer all the questions for US Senate Candidates.

Sun City West Republican Club

February 18, 2012 Candidates Forum

“Team Work” is running a two week plus, quarter of a million dollar TV ad, five and a half months before the August 28, 2012 primary, when Cardon’s campaign fund raising has been in a nose dive? Again, “Team Work” is distracting the electorate two and a half months before Candidate Nomination Petitions have to be turned in by May 30, 2012 to get on the primary ballot. The last thing Fake Card needs for their plan to work is Steenwyk participating in the primary debates.

Why the Team Work, Cardon as Flake’s Strawman needs to suck up as many supporters and donations that might otherwise go to the REAL CHALLANGER Clair Van Steenwyk. Someone the McCain Machine and supporters in the GOP have no control over!

Is there any doubt that McCain has been mentoring McFlake from the time he entered the House eleven years ago. This NO EARMARK’s thing is a facade that garners “conservative ratings” from congressional watch dogs that are actually for the most part Lobbyist’s with associated Political Action Committees, aka PAC’s, aka 527’s.

AZ Senate candidate Wil Cardon misspells “Tucson” in TV ad 

Jeff Flake cutting coconuts but not the budget rE

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