AZ Senate Race- Urban Land Institute & Wil Cardon’s Smart Growth Committee: Agenda 21 Front? (part 1)

Arizona U.S. Senate Candidate Wil Cardon, A.K.A Wilford R. Cardon Jr., CEO of The Cardon Group, and Co-Chairman of  the SMART GROWTH COMMITTEE at Arizona’s Urban Land Institute, wants to help government change your life and the lives of your children with SMART GROWTH . Is it possible that Senate Candidate Wil Cardon may want to narrow your freedom of choice, possibly even your right to own property?

Mr. Cardon, a multimillionaire with five young children, wants to be a US Senator…..  WHY?

Cardon declared when he announced that he didn’t agree with U.S. House Representative Jeff Flake’s Comprehensive Immigration Reform position, A.K.A. OPEN BORDERS!             How can that be, when Cardon and family have donated tens of thousands to the campaigns of open border supporters like Rep. Flake,  Sen. John McCain, and Gov. Mitt Romney for over a decade?

Cardon was actually STILL SITTING on Representative Jeff Flake’s US Senate Campaign Finance Committee when he announced that he was running against Rep. Flake for the US Senate.

Interestingly, the Arizona Urban Land Institute (ULI) along with “collaborative partners’” will be launching their CommunityPlan: A Public Officials Education Curriculum in April 2012, as a direct result of the 2011 Arizona Legislature killing the Arizona Department of Commerce, which had been administering PROP 303: 1998′s “The Growing Smarter Act.”

Urban Land Institute (ULI) definitely has the experience and the resources to effect influence for their cause (as well as allies who maintain separation as they progress towards a common goal).   The list of ULI published books available for purchase is dwarfed by their published white papers, which are available on the internet.

The Heritage Foundation has framed the Agenda 21 Homegrown Anti-Growth Policies quite well, as The American Thinker (SMART GROWTH above) and Freedom Advocates.

So the question is, WHY is Cardon running?        He says he grew tired of Rep. Flake’ position on open borders yet he supported him and others for over a decade with campaign contributions.   What, really, are the odds of two candidates from the same faith, same house of worship, same neighborhood, same friends (and doing the same flip-flop to anti-immigration status) would be running for the same U.S. Senate seat?

Perhaps Cardon is just Rep. Flake’s strawman. Then again, maybe Cardon simply has his eye on the real prize, long term:  assisting in legislating advantages for his land development ventures.

APA: American Planning Association

Policy Guide on Planning for Sustainability

*** END Part 1

The Cardon Group pipl

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