Tea Party Nation’s Judson Phillips RELEASES INVESTIGATION RESULTS:

Tea Party Nation’s Judson Phillips RELEASES INVESTIGATION RESULTS:

Unethical Practices Working Against HayworthBeGoodDoGood http://www.resistnet.com/group/arizonachapterofthepatrioticresistance/forum/topics/unethical-practices-working

Announcement of investigation:

Tea Party Nation currently investigating Arizona subversive bloggers attacks on Arizona Tea Parties http://phoenixteaparty.ning.com/profiles/blogs/tea-party-nation-currently

It wasn’t exactly released, and wasn’t posted where the alleged “Unethical Practices” were occurring, but rather posted on Tea Party Nation and copy/pasted to ResistNet and other Tea Party sites.

The statement from Tea Party Nation/Judson Phillips reads like an ACLU mailer, which I have been a paying member of, off and on over the years– how better to know your enemy?

duderanchIt would be nice for the uninformed, out of state people to butt out.  There are better ways to help Arizona. We’ll take it from here.

Really, Mr. Phillips, is this what your investigation came up with? Sounds more like you took comments from self proclaimed victims who can’t stand on their own two feet and defend their stated case in open discussion. Tell us what you’re going to do for these victims of their own doing, if and when they come up against the liberal bloggers– who are they going to run to and whine– it’s coming, you know…….?

They engaged, got it turned around on them, all the while working in a clandestine manner to pin the Tea Party BRAND on Hayworth. LabelMr. Phillips, we want transparency, do you believe in that? We want these endorsers of Hayworth to stop perverting the Tea Party for the sake of one primary race, on an unelectable candidate, John David Hayworth, incumbent 3 years removed by a liberal in a solid conservative district.

Mr. Phillips, you are arguing for a cause that counters your and the Tea Party Nation’s current beliefs, per your last paragraph of your investigation summary. This is a belief I share, the crux of my so called “Unethical Practices”, that is, we both believe Tea Parties do not endorse.

Mr. Phillips said, “Finally, we would like to know what you, the members of Tea Party Nation think of our policy of not endorsing candidates.  Is this a good policy or do you want to see it changed?  Please click here to join the discussion on Tea Party Nation.”

Your investigation didn’t turn up this fact; that we stand for the same thing?

Mr. Phillips, you have made the same mistake as Hayworth’s campaign staff, supporters, and the self proclaimed victims you support.

Mr. Phillips, I offered to assist Tea Party Nation in their investigation, and you promptly suspended me from your site, so much for equal justice. Is this what you believe in? Suppressing reasonable discourse, suppressing expression of one’s beliefs, issuing a perverse account of the facts BigBrotherwithout hearing the facts? Maybe you and I and others involved should get together for a beer summit!

I support Jim Deakin for U.S. Senate 2010 Arizona.

Have you heard about Deakin, Mr. Phillips? I doubt it, so why would you assert in writing, “The local media not announcing the support/ endorsements from 16 TEA Parties for Hayworth.”, when it’s Deakin who is not getting press? Are you saying Deakin is a false candidate? And what “False statements, denigrating the legal rights of……………” were made? Please show us the documentation you used to make such a claim.

Mr. Phillips, maybe you can help me, and others in Arizona understand the legal standing the Tea Parties that have endorsed Hayworth, have to give such endorsement; you have stated as fact that they have that legal right, based on your investigation? We have asked and have received no answers– interesting.

McCain and his cohorts on the hill are all sniffing the wind, they know, they talk among themselves– it’s not the (active) Tea Partier votes they need, it’s the unengaged Tea politicalcontinuumParty frame of mind people, watching from all political persuasions…… left, right, middle, who are fed up.

Jim Deakin is the Citizen Candidate, a Tea Party Activist, running a PAYGO campaign against McCain, where McCain is running against Hayworth. McCain knows, being a seasoned wind sniffer, that Deakin’s votes are not to be had, leaving only Hayworth’s votes.  McCain has spent over 16 million dollars hammering Hayworth– he needs Hayworth’s votes to beat Deakin!

Jim Deakin needs a push in the next few days with the primary on August 24th,  just a little push compared to the big dogs. Consider contributing 5 or 10 bucks by visiting his website at www.jimdeakin.com.

Joseph P. Danielek aka JPD

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